Comprehensive Vocal Training for Singers of all ages

Voice lessons in Tempe, AZ and Online

You Have A Voice That Deserves To Be Heard

Your larynx is as unique as your fingerprint, so we won’t try to make you sound like anyone but you. Our mission is to empower students to find their own unique, authentic voice whether you’re singing musical theatre, classical, pop, jazz, or any other style. 

Body Work

The incorporation of yoga, kinesiology, and other forms of body work in voice training can be a catalyst for radical change in singing. When misalignments or physical tension have been corrected through this work, many students will experience vocal breakthroughs and a greater sense of control of their voice. This is why we prioritize a whole body approach to singing.

Mental Wellness

There are great benefits to acknowledging mental preparation and approach in any kind of training. We address this by teaching our students how to practice and prepare for performance and regularly incorporate meditation and mindfulness exercises in lessons and group classes.

Focused Teaching

Unlike other studios that offer a range of different instruments, we are focused on the voice because it is what we do best. We recognize that there is more to singing than just vibrating vocal cords, which is why we are focused on teaching voice holistically. We offer a competent and well-rounded vocal music education that will set you on a path for a lifetime of singing. 

Why Authentic Voice?

When you think about it, singers are really both athletes and musicians. In order to perform successfully, they must have control and awareness of their bodies in addition to having an understanding of music fundamentals. This means they need a voice teacher, much like an athlete needs a coach, to train them properly. It’s also important to note that because our instrument is our body, we can’t trust our own ears when we sing. Even the most accomplished singers need a set of ears that they can trust and a teacher to guide them towards healthy, productive singing. At Authentic Voice you can trust that our informed and compassionate voice teachers will guide each student towards their goals while helping to prevent injury and produce results.

Teaching in Action

What Students Are Saying

Lauren is such a gift. She really connects with my daughter and they have a lovely relationship. During teaching, she is gentle with corrections and guides her in the right direction with everything from pitch to song selection. She has advanced knowledge and skill in voice. We feel so lucky to have her as a voice teacher for our daughter for the last few years.

- Rachael

Jessy was my vocal coach when I started taking singing lessons at Authentic Voice Music Studio last January at age 66. We had a lot of fun as I learned to do scales, work on increasing my higher range, improve my vocal tone, and select songs to practice for my next lesson. After 4 months of lessons I was singing Elvis, Neil Diamond and Andy Williams songs! My wife started singing too! We can't wait to get back for more vocal lessons at Authentic Voice Music Studio.

- Mark

I was nervous to start because I didn’t feel comfortable with my own voice, but Lauren made me feel welcomed and accepted from day one. She didn’t try to use a one size fits all formula for me that she used with all of her other students. I could tell that she really spent the time to get to know me and my voice and catered the lessons to what would work best for me and would help me reach the goals I had set out for myself.

- Zachary

Jessy is such a talented and unique person to work with. She does an amazing job of explaining the techniques and methods we work on together, and I come away from our lessons feeling experienced and knowledgeable. Working with Jessy doesn’t just feel like working with a teacher, but with a friend!

- Lucy