All teachers at Authentic Voice Music Studio receive in-depth training, ongoing professional development, and background checks to ensure consistent high-level instruction as well as the comfort and safety of all of our students.

Jessy DeLara

Jessy has loved music since a very young age. After many tests and trials of playing other musical instruments, her parents discovered her passion for singing at the age of 5. Following this discovery, she began taking voice lessons from knowledgeable teachers who gave her a solid foundation and guided her on her journey as a singer. In 2017, she was accepted with a scholarship to the highly acclaimed arts school, The Chicago Academy of the Arts, where she studied classical and jazz voice. These experiences inspired her to become a voice teacher herself, so that she could continue to share the gift of music with others. Currently, Jessy is pursuing a dual degree in Music Learning and Teaching and Voice Performance at Arizona State University, under the instruction of Dr. Amanda DeMaris. In addition to her jazz and classical training, Jessy has also worked in musical theatre and as a choral singer, including gospel choir.

Jessy is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share her passion for music while working with others who love music just as much as she does.


Bachelor of Music (BM)*, Vocal Performance, Arizona State University
Bachelor of Music (BM)*, Music Learning and Teaching, Arizona State University
*in progress

Dr. Lauren Berman

Lauren started her vocal journey at a young age, frequently singing in groups and as a soloist starting at age 5. Singing was just something that she did. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she began auditioning and therefore began to experience rejection for the first time, which ultimately led to her first experiences with performance anxiety. Suddenly, her identity as a singer was challenged and that is when she began taking voice lessons. Through vocal study Lauren realized that her voice was something she could learn to use just like any other instrument. This epiphany started her on a path towards becoming a complete voice nerd.

While working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, Lauren began her teaching career and hasn’t stopped since! She became deeply passionate about helping students unlock their full potential as singers and demystifying vocal technique. As a result, she was hungry to learn and perform more which led to a Master’s Degree and ultimately a Doctorate in Vocal Performance.

Lauren loves the uniqueness of each student and enthusiastically helping them to reach their goals. She is also thrilled to work alongside other voice teachers who share her passion and commitment to helping students unlock their unique, authentic voice.

*Lauren typically has a waitlist for new students


Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Vocal Performance, Arizona State University
Master of Music (MM), Vocal Performance, Chicago College of Performing Arts
Bachelor of Music Education (BME), Loyola University New Orleans